Comprehensive Portfolio Report

It enables you to get smart insights about your portfolio with access to many meaningful reports. You can also customise the reports as per your needs...

Consolidated Portfolio Reports

  1. Net Wealth / Asset Report
  2. Financial Year wise P&L
  3. Consolidated Asset Allocation
  4. Financial Year Wise Performance Reports

Product Wise Reports

  1. For all Products in general
  2. Transaction Reports
  3. Valuation Reports
  4. Maturity Reports
  5. Performance Report

Portfolio Analytics

  1. Comparison of Performance vis-a-vis benchmark
  2. Mutual fund analytics
  3. Consolidated AMC Exposure
  4. Consolidated Stock Holding
  5. Consolidated Sector Exposure
  6. Consolidated Credit Profile
  7. Current and Historic
  8. Financial Plans*
  9. Performance of Financial Plans with actual goals*

Life Insurance Reports

  1. Premium Reminders
  2. Cash Flow Reports
  3. Risk Coverage Reports Key Features

Key Features:

Online Access

Now you can store all your portfolio, transaction information in multiple products through Imperial Value Services Pvt. Ltd Client Desk and get access anytime, anywhere

Portfolio Reports

It enables you to accede insightful reports that you 'need' to know about your portfolio and take informed investment decisions


Facility It is a great feature which literally takes consolidation to the next level and allows you to consolidate multiple accounts and view your entire family portfolio on a single desk


Your portfolio is automatically updated* on a daily basis so that you get the latest, true picture of your portfolio.

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